CTSP's social, environmental and charitable initiatives in Q3 2017



CTSP's social, environmental and charitable initiatives in Q3 2017

In the first nine months of 2017 Container terminal Saint-Petersburg (CTSP, member of UCL Holding) spent over RUB 9,5 mio on social, environmental and charitable initiatives.

Over RUR 2,3 million were spent on mitigation of adverse environmental impact, such as environmental monitoring, waste management, preparation of obligatory environmental documents (RUB 1,6 mio) and protection of water resources, wastewater treatment, maintenance of treatment facilities and storm water pumping stations (RUB RUB 0,7 mio).

RUB 6 million were spent on the social program which includes health services, sanatorium treatment, sports and leisure (RUB 4,3 mio), emergency payments, baby bonuses and retirement bonuses (RUB 1,2 mio) and bonuses to employees celebrating anniversaries (RUB 445,000).

CTSP’s charitable expenses amounted to RUB 1,2 million which included the purchase of stretchers for City Hospital No. 14 in Kirovsky district of Saint Petersburg (RUB 747,000). The donated equipment will facilitate the delivery of healthcare services and make hospital stay more comfortable.

RUB 500,000 were donated to the church of St. Nikolaos of Myra on Lodochnaya str. to help timely complete the planned scope of construction works in Russian seafarer’s spiritual center.


Container terminal Saint-Petersburg (member of UCL Port, stevedoring division of the international transportation group UCL Holding) is a modern container handling facility in the 4th cargo handling area of the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg. In 2016 the terminal handled 557 800 TEUs.


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