Berths and Sea Channel

The Port is connected to the sea by the Sea Channel with the length of 27 miles. The channel is 85 m wide in its narrowest part. The channel has a minimum depth of -11,6 m. The Main Channel leading from the open sea to the basin of the Coal Harbor is 80-120 m wide, with the permitted vessel draught of 11.0 m. The port of Saint-Petersburg can accept vessels with the following maximum dimensions:

  • Total length – 304 m
  • Width – 40,5 m
  • Draught in fresh water – 11.0 m

The plans for reconstruction of the sea channel to the port include the future expansion of the channel up to 140 m and its dredging up to -14 m, in accordance with the Baltic elevation system, that provides for acceptance of vessels with the draught up to 12.5 m.

The seaside operational area consists of four berths with the total length of 787,2 m:



Lenght (m)

Depth (m)





221,3 11,9


177,2 11,2


131 11,2

Motor road and rail transport

The terminal can be accessed via the recently reconstructed road to the Coal Harbor and the Morskoi Pekhoty Street free from the city transport, with the capacity of 250 trucks per hour in each direction.

Access to the Southern section of the Western High-Speed Diameter and further on, to the ring road is located 5.5 km away from the gates of the Container Terminal.

The Terminal provides for container delivery by rail transport through the rail station Avtovo.



Our Advantages

  • Prime location
  • Qualified personnel
  • Brand new equipment
  • Modern Operation System 
  • High-strength coating
  • Rail connection


Container Terminal Saint-Petersburg and Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia sign settlement agreement

On 9 July 2018, the 9th Arbitration Court of Appeal approved the settlement agreement between the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS Russia) and ZAO Container Terminal Saint-Petersburg (CTSP, a company of UCL Holding) in a dispute over antitrust violation.

Restrictions concerning handling of dangerous goods at CTSP during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in July

Restrictions have been imposed on handling of dangerous goods at the facilities of ZAO CTSP during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (between 25 May 2018 and 25 July 2018).

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